The Symmetrizer – increase data range of LEDs

50.00 excl. VAT

THE SYMMETRIZER allows you to extend the SPI data signal over long cables (100 meters +):

  • From LED controller to SPI strips/pixels
  • From SPI strips/pixels to SPI strips/pixels as the booster

THE SYMMETRIZER specification:

  • Convert Differential signal to TTL level (de-symmetrizer)
  • Convert TTL level to Differential signal (symmetrizer)*
  • Wide power supply range 5-24V DC by default
  • POWER indicator LED
  • TTL data level H/L LED indicators
  • Overvoltage / ESD protection on all lines & power included

*setting by solder pad needed



Do you need to use 100m and longer cables for SPI signal? Symmetrizer is the solution.

The device allows you to use even 500m long cables for pixel LED SPI signal. It’s a solution for big installations, where you e.g. want to place the controllers in one control room.

The Symmetrizer is directly supported by LED Ethernet Controller 3 or SPI Matrix devices (you just need to use Symmetrizer for output).

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 70 × 15.2 × 11 mm

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