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REACTIVO explained in 2 minutes



Wireless/Ethernet Art-net controller for 1024 RGB pixels.

Device synchronization allows to control multiple controllers with single unit.

Dedicated software with advanced Screen grabber function can play the content from your PC on your LEDs.

Hook up multiple triggers to device such as buttons, sensors and turn this controller into smart device.

Android and iOS app available with advanced control options.


Playing Witcher with REACTIVO lighting
Olympic Rings LED lighting
Gamer setup lit with REACTIVO 2 LED controller

Designed for DIY projects, such as media and playrooms, with dedicated iOS and Android App for ease of use, the device is great for home projects.

Multiple device synchronization and small size allows for even larger projects with careful planning. Such as the Olympic museum in Bratislava. 

Watching Netflix with REACTIVO lighting
Media Rooms
Playing GRIP with REACTIVO lighting
Streaming studios
Olympic Rings LED Lighting for Slovak Olympic Museum
Playing Need For Speed with REACTIVO lighting
DIY Projects

Great for stand-alone projects

Ambient room illumination to smart connected light controller.
Music visualization with additional software.

lifetime software license included

Running on Windows™ 

* compatible with LED Strip Studio Software 

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REACTIVO software overview

Compatible with 3rd party software

Using industry standard Art-net

REACTIVO App Log in Screen

Android and
iOS Apps

Control your device, setup triggers, use playlist and much more…

Why should you choose REACTIVO ?

  • Art-Net to SPI decoder
  • Can control up to 1024 individual LED pixel diodes
  • Single SPI output for pixel LED strips, pixels or bars
  • Every standard Art-Net software or lighting console supported:

Madrix, grandMA, Resolume, Chamsys, Mad Mapper, Enttec ELM, and others

  • Easy to use Web configuration and mobile apps with advanced settings
  • 2 connectors for wide range of physical triggers and sensors
  • Integrated animation scheduler (perfect for stand-alone applications)
  • Stand-alone mode with multiple device synchronization
  • Supported LED chips (IC): TM1809, TM1803, SK6812, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812b, APA102, APA102-65536, APA104, LPD8806, SM16716, SM16726 and many more
  • RGBW support (3 or 4 color channel per pixel can be used), maximum number of RGBW LEDs is 768

REACTIVO | Wireless Art-Net controller

Great pixel LED controller, which supports Art-Net.

Also working in stand-alone mode, which allows you to play pixel LED content from SD card

REACTIVO controlls up to 1024 pixels. 


      • REACTIVO
      • 16GB Micro SD Card
      • SD Card Reader
      • 1M Ethernet Cable


      • DC jack to USB
      • power cable
      • Trigger Board
      • Screwdriver
      • Terminal block for SPI output


1  Reactivo Controller + Accesories


Trusted worldwide and used in over 450 projects and installations

I really like Reactivo controller, it works nice and smooth, I really appreciate updating the device and adding new functionality as triggers options. Looking forward to what will be Reactivo capable of.

Martin Turansky

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