LEC3 - LED Ethernet Controller 3
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LEC3 Ethernet-SPI pixel light controller explained in less than 2 minutes


LED Ethernet Controller 3 - addressable SPI pixel light decoder

Ethernet-SPI pixel light controller for your project capable to control up to 4096 individually addressable RGB LED pixels including lifetime license for LED Strip Studio softwareIt has been successfully used for huge pixel LED installations for TV studios or building facade lighting using more than 100.000 individual RGB or RGBW LED pixels.

It supports world wide standards like Art-Net, sACN, Midi or DMX 512. But it also works in stand-alone mode, which allows you to play pixel LED content from an SD card

Advanced web configuration gives you quick access to settings via iPhone or Android web browser. 

Long distance SPI transmission is possible thanks to integrated THE SYMMETRIZER.


lets dance

It’s one of the most advanced ethernet-SPI pixel light controllers on the market. We used LEC 3 on projects like Eurovision Song Contest, X Factor, Got Talent and many more.

You can see LEC 3 in action in TV studios like CNNTV Nova or Markiza as well as on permanent building installations and media facades all around the world. 

Interior Lighting
TV Studio Installations
Film and Television
Rental Installations
LED Facades
Outdoor Lighting

Suitable for all types of pixel LED installations

From ambient interior illumination to big outdoor installations or TV studios.

lifetime software license included

Ultimate LED control system running on Windows™ and compatible with every standard Art-Net controller. 

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LSS Software explained in 30 seconds

Compatible with popular LED software and hardware

Madrix, grandMA, Resolume, Chamsys, Mad Mapper, Enttec ELM, and many others

Web browser interface on smartphone

Advanced web configuration

Configure your device with ease from the web browser of your iPhone or Android phone. 

Why should you choose LEC3 Ethernet SPI pixel controller?

  • Art-Net or sACN SPI decoder
  • Can control up to 4096 individual LED pixel diodes
  • 4 separate SPI outputs for pixel LED strips, pixels or bars
  • First class technical support (fixing bugs, new features, …)
  • Every output can control up to 1024 individual LED pixels
  • Every standard Art-Net software or lighting console supported:

Madrix, grandMA, Resolume, Chamsys, Mad Mapper, Enttec ELM, and others

  • Easy to use web configuration with advanced settings
  • Integrated animation scheduler (perfect for stand-alone applications)
  • Stand-alone mode with multiple device synchronization
  • Built-in differential signal buffer (The Symmetrizer) for long distance SPI signal transmission
    (tested for 500+ meters)
  • Art-Net recorder software
  • Separate DMX512 output for standard RGB LED strips controlled over DMX LED dimmers
  • Can be triggered over input DMX512
  • Supported LED chips (IC): TM1809, TM1803, SK6812, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812b, APA102, APA102-65536, APA104, LPD8806, SM16716, SM16726 and many more
  • RGBW support (3 or 4 color channel per pixel can be used), maximum number of RGBW LEDs is 3072

LEC3 | LED Ethernet Controller 3

Advanced pixel LED controller, which supports Art-Net/sACN, DMX and  LED Strip Studio software. Also working in stand-alone mode, which allows you to play pixel LED content from SD card


LEC 3 allows you to control up to 4096 Digital RGB LEDs or 3072 RGBW LEDs


      • LEC 3 Controller
      • Quickstart Guide
      • 64GB Micro SD Card
      • SD Card Reader
      • “L” Mount Brackets


      • DIN Rail Mount
      • 5 x Terminal Block Plugs 
      • Screws
      • Super Fancy Ballpoint Pen with Touch Screen Tip


1024-pixels|6 Art-Net universes

625 €


2048-pixels|12 Art-Net universes

950 €


4096-pixels|24 Art-Net universes

1.250 €

Trusted worldwide and used in over 450 projects and installations

I have been purchasing controllers from Led Strip Studio for the past two years and I have found them to be very reliable, easy to install and program, and versatile in their use in a variety of conditions. The interaction with Led Strip Studio’s staff during the purchase of equipment or following a request for technical support has always been efficient, informative, and courteous. My choice to use Led Strip Studio as my exclusive provider of controllers during the past few months reflects my high satisfaction in their services and products.

Gabriel Michael, Electronic Engineer


Do you have any more questions regarding LEC3 ?

We are here to provide you the best solution for your project.

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