Numismatics showroom and auction center

Any numismats, phylatelists, collectors and people who like money in general here? This project is a nice display of how to enhace your business presentation towards your clients. 

Macho and Chlapovic is an established company which decided to elevete street presence of their newly decorated showrom. And in general upgrade their premises. Of course, they choose our LED controllers for their newly added decorations, closely business related objects – coins.  

From time pre-dating antics to modern era, you can find rare pieces and expensive gems known to numismats and collectors. Since this an appraisal site, showroom, mint experts hub, along with auction center, they needed something fitting the level of importance of such institution. At the same time, something playfull and uplifting.


Installation site

Each circular hole in inner facade is fitted with WS2815 pixel LED strip with 60pixels per meter. We are regularly using 12V strips in our own projects. Using addressable pixels, we can play variety of patterns and gradient animations. Changes in animations are programmed to be very subtle in LED Strip Studio software. Important emotion was ambience rather then often tacky use of LED pixels in other venues and establishments. 

Inner facade did not allow us to install the controllers close to circles. Signal to each “coin” is distributed through our output multiplier/signal splitter accessory device SPI Lamp. This gives us freedom with actual signal flow and also benefit of using reliable and standardized CAT6 ethernet cables (which are also relatively cheap)

Software mapping

led strip studio project mapping and effects banks

In the software, each “coin” is a separate Digital strip. Not only a segment within a Digital strip. Thanks to that, we can create a Group in the controller. What Group does is that it allows us to add multiple Digital srips into single output (Output1-4=Group 1-4). While using Strip effect scenes, we can then assign separate effects rather then using one effects on all segments connected in a single Digital strip. 

Complete project in its latest updated form is available here.

Control options for client

Client has direct and 24/7 access to pre-programmed scense from their LSS Remote app. One of the many places where the importance of existing and robust in-house network was key to deliver customer-first and user friendly way to change the look on any occasion. Another great benefit was the willingnes to learn how to work with the sofware. Current knowledge database includes every information on how to create your own style and effects. 

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