How to speed up your pixel installation?

SPI Lamp is all about speeding up the installation process and removing repetitive tasks. Developed for hanging lamps with LED pixels, it can greatly decrease the time spent on site.

What is SPI Lamp?

A SPI signal splitter and an Output multiplier. These are two equally representative descriptions. As a signal splitter, SPI Lamps allows to connect strip segments in parallel without the need to connect ends of segments together.

As an Output multiplier, it allows you to lay down your strips even far from the SPI Matrix/LEC3 controllers.


Both advantages can be greatly exploited on all kinds of projects. Whether it is a rental job or a permanent installation, the benefit can be immediate.

No soldering needed

One of the most repetitive and time consuming tasks on any installation is the need to solder every segment to one another. With SPI Lamp, you are using only connectors.

SPI Lamp top view with indicators for where to find connectors.

Long distance data transmission

Another great advantage is that you can take your strip from the controller and place it 10, 20, or even 100M from your controller. And you dont have to use expensive cables. Standard CAT5E or above will do the work perfectly.

How the SPI Lamp Works

Another advantage of SPI Lamp is that it uses our custom protocol which is very robust to interference. Thanks to this, you can use long runs and don’t worry about signal decay.Check out the video below for details.

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