Curved LED Screen TV Studio Background

How to make curved TV studio backround?

Creating a curved TV studio background can be achieved using the following steps:


Choose the right LED technology

While pixel LED strips offer versatility, they may not be necessary for a TV studio background. Instead, opt for P10 LED panels, which are smaller in size but more suitable for creating curved backgrounds. They also make the installation process much simpler compared to pixel LED strips.

P10 LED panel

Utilize P10 LED panels

The size of a P10 LED panel is typically 32x16cm. This size strikes a balance between being small enough to form curves on LED screens and large enough to reduce installation efforts when compared to using pixel LED strips. Installation usually involves grouping the LED panels together, as shown in the next image.

P10 LED panels in a big totem

Create captivating arrangements

Despite the larger size of the totems formed by these LED panels, they can still be effectively used to create visually appealing TV studio arrangements. For instance, in the image provided, the totems are arranged to form a curved background, enhancing the aesthetics of the TV studio for an election setting.

Arrangement of TV Studio for elections

Control the P10 panels

To control the P10 LED panels, you can utilize any HDMI source. A common approach involves using a computer’s secondary screen to display content for the LED background. Third-party software like Resolume is often employed to play video content, although Windows Media Player can also serve the purpose 🙂 …

If you’re looking to enhance your TV studio layout, we have the expertise to assist you. With over 50 successful installations in our portfolio, we are well-equipped to offer valuable insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a consultation and let us guide you towards an improved and optimized setup.

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