New conference room with lot of Digital strips

Our new conference room is packed with LED lights. We wanted to create something nice, so we repurposed an installation we did some time ago. It fit in nicely in our conference room.

Smart conference room lights

You might have seen this in one of our previous videos, however it might be usefull to recap the basic facts – we used digital LED strip that has 60 diodes/m. In total we used 44 meters of this strip. Most of it, 35 meters, we used in between the wooden pieces and hid behind diffuser. 

We also used 1 LED Ethernet Controller 3 for the 2640 pixels connected. In order to avoid the signal cable traveling from the shelf, to the lamp, back to the small TV stand and to the lamp etc., we used several SPI Lamp splitters.


A small drwaer hiding LEC3 and SPI Lamp splitters that control the whole installation

Motion sensor & AC Delay

The trick with the motion sensor is actually pretty simple. We dare to say kind of stupid in a sense. We only found after we purchased the screen that it has the motion detector. And we thought – “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could trigger the animations at the same time?”

AC Delay is, in essence, a timer. It helps us while working with large number of power sources to prevent inrush current overload. It requires 5V to operate. So we thought – the TV has USB port. Usually they are working with 5V. We tested if the ports are also turned off while the TV is turned off. Once confirmed, we connected the LEC3 to the AC Delay, set the timer and whenever the TV is turning on, the LEC3 is also turned on. Do you understand why this is so simple it almost sound a bit stupid?

Effects and playlist settings

We created several effects that we though would be fitting for the conference room. Well, not really, but we tried. One of the reasons we wanted this piece to sit in our conference room is that it creates awesome background for our Zoom calls.

And that is not all. You can play any video and the strips will mirror what is displayed on your monitor. We are using Screen grabbing software Reactivo.

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