Wooden panels and LEDs in modern living room

Wooden cladding or wooden panels are a popular design for interiors. So we decided to add something extra. LED strips in between the wooden pieces can play different animations, react to sound or create ambient lighting. All with the help of LED Strip Studio software

What better opportunity to present this concept then local expo here in Bratislava.

Coneco is an event focused on modern trends in living. We decided to show up and build what we think is a nice living room with some cool features. 

Expo stand

The space we were working with was pretty small, only 2 x 4 meters. We wanted to present both LED Strip Studio software and its grabber function and our special LED Bulbs.

We decided for wood because it instantly adds warmth to any space that you use. Of course, you can not use classic aluminum truss system. So we decided to built the stand ourselves. From (surprise…) timber that serves as a frame for our wooden panels on top of which we attached the cladding and the profiles.  

Wooden cladding and LEDs

We drew inspiration from many pictures we saw online. The options were vast yet we were looking for such wooden cladding that will have the same width and height as our aluminum profiles. We then came up with some geometrical chaos, laid everything down and started cutting evertyhing. 

This was an easy process indeed. Whenever we are talking to customers, we always stress that with a good scheme in place, we can do wonders in no time. BTW if you want to talk about some project, schedule a meeting with us here 😉

We then screwed botht the cladding and the profiles with LED strips on MDP Boards with fine white finish, giving it a fell of a living room.

preparing Wooden cladding and LEDs for installation

LED Bulbs

In the planning stage, we were thinking how to close our living room from the top. Almost immediately we decided for our special, DMX controllable LED Bulbs. We bought bunch of wire meshes used in construction work and painted those black. 

In total we hanged 40 bulbs and used 5 Xmas dimmers.  

Shelly switches and controls

Since the bulbs are working with DMX, we used Shelly switches to control the effects. These smart relays are pretty nice, with reasonable cost and work great. 

We also used our DMX/TRX board to switch effects that were playing behind the TV, on our main wall. 

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