The WS2815 pixel protocol, created by World Semi in China, is a popular choice for pixel lighting displays due to its ability to drive long chains of pixels in series. It uses 12V as its primary power source and drops it down to 5V for the pixel’s logic needs. The control circuit and LEDs are integrated in a compact 5050 SMD package, making it a reliable and efficient option for pixel lighting displays. It also offers many of the benefits that the WS28xx series is known for.

Our LED Strip Studio products support WS2815 as a pixel IC type. Let us help you with your pixel LED installation – get in touch for more information.

Technical Specifications #

Clock TypeData-Only
Color Resolution8 bits
Physical PackageSMD5050 with integrated LEDs
RGBWSee WS2814
Output Pixel Voltage12V
Input Voltage12V
PWM Rate2000Hz
Suitable CameraUp to 67fps, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Data Transfer Rate800kbps
Redundant Data LineYes

Color Specifications #

Red360 mcd620 – 625 nm
Green1150 mcd515 – 525 nm
Blue220 mcd465 – 475 nm

WS2815 Pros

  • 12V operation, allows for long cable lengths and long chains of pixels
  • The high PWM rate allows for filming with cameras at up to 67fps.
  • Redundant data line reduces chance of entire strip failure

WS2815 Cons

  • Refresh rates may be slowed down due to data-only restrictions on the protocol speed.
  • Dimming curves may not be as smooth due to the use of only 8 bits of data for each color.
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