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Technical Specifications #

The WS2801 pixel protocol was developed by World Semi in China. It is part of the WS28xx series of protocols, which are known for their high refresh rates and flexibility in LED choice.

The WS2801 protocol adds a clock line to the WS28xx series, which allows for even higher refresh rates. The control circuit of the WS2801 protocol comes in a SOP14 package, which provides more flexibility in terms of the LED options that can be used with the protocol.

Clock TypeClocked
Color Resolution8 bits
Physical PackageSOP14
RGBWSee WS2814
Output Pixel Voltage5V
PWM Rate2500Hz
Suitable CameraUp to 84fps, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Redundant Data LineNo


  • The presence of a clock line enables faster refresh rates.
  • The high PWM rate allows for filming with cameras at up to 84fps.


  • The use of only 8 bits of data per color leads to less smooth dimming curves.
  • The 5V limit results in shorter cable lengths.
  • No redundancy in data
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