What’s the difference between LEC3 and SPI Matrix?

What’s the difference between red and black box? Or between LED Ethernet Controller 3 (LEC3, the red box) and SPI Matrix (the black box)?


There is just one difference: LEC3 contains *lifetime* license of LED Strip Studio 3 software. SPI Matrix can just receive Art-Net from 3rd software/light console like Madrix, MadMapper, Resolume or any kind of Art-Net light console. Or you can use annual Art-Net license of LED Strip Studio 3 to control SPI Matrix.


The hardware of LEC3 and SPI Matrix is the same! Thus using LEC3 or SPI Matrix you can:


  • Playback stored pixel LED animations from SD card.
  • Control up to 4096 RGB LED pixels over 4 SPI outputs.
  • Receive Art-Net pixel data to control addressable LED pixels.
  • Receive Art-Net/DMX to control playback settings like animation, speed, color, …
  • And much more…
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