Vertical scrolling text

Vertical text is widely used in Korean and Japanese languages, particularly for advertisements and logos. That’s why our LED Strip Studio allows you to effortlessly create scrolling vertical text, catering to these preferences.

How to create vertical text #

In the LED Strip Studio software, you have the flexibility to create text using video scenes. Simply add a new layer and select ‘Text’. Then, input your desired text and check the ‘Vertical’ checkbox to seamlessly convert your horizontal text into vertical format.

Vertical check box

What properties can you use? #

You can configure all the fundamental properties for vertical text just as you would for horizontal text:

  • Type: Choose between scrolling or static.
  • Duration: Adjust the scrolling speed.
  • Color: Select the desired text color.
  • Size: Determine the size of your text.
  • Font: Utilize any standard Windows TrueType Font (TTF) to showcase your text.

Simply ensure to enable the “Vertical” option to display the text vertically.

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