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Lianxinke, based in China, developed the pixel protocol called UCS8904. It has all the same features as its RGB version, UCS8903, but is specifically designed for RGBW use. The control circuit comes in a SOP8 package, providing more options for LED selection.

Our LED Strip Studio products support UCS8904 as a pixel IC type. Let us help you with your pixel LED installation – get in touch for more information.

Technical Specifications #

Clock TypeData-Only
Color Resolution16 bits
Physical PackageSOP8
RGBSee UCS8903
Output Pixel Voltage5 – 24V
PWM Rate1000Hz
Suitable CameraUp to 34fps, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Data Transfer Rate800kbps
Redundant Data LineNo

UCS8904 Pros

  • The voltage can reach up to 24V, enabling the use of very long cables
  • High PWM rate allows for filming at up to 34fps with cameras
  • 16 bits of data for each color leads to very smooth dimming curves
  • The inclusion of a white LED allows for increased brightness and more color mixing options

UCS8904 Cons

  • The refresh rate is limited by the speed of the protocol, typically resulting in slower rates
  • There is no redundancy in the data.
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