Pixel Upgrade – Increase number of pixels for your controller

With LED Ethernet Controller 3 (LEC3) and SPI Matrix, you can purchase a pixel upgrade. It is essentially a configuration upgrade that will increase the number of controllable pixels for single device. The file is bound to a serial no. of specific device and can not be thus duplicated. Serial number of the device is thus also required either during or after the purchase. It can be easily located in a Web configuration tool.

web config showing where to find serial number of the controller - Status Tab
In the Web configuration, look in Status tab

You can also find it on each device.

Back panel of a metal box of SPI Matrix. Small sticker with serial number can be located here.
Serial no. marked as S/N on the back of the device

And also on the back of each box.

Each device has marked the pixel version and a Serial number

After you located the S/N, you can proceed to purchase. The process is identical for SPI Matrix / LEC3, you just have to choose which one you want in the e-shop. Then you have to choose which Pixel upgrade Level you want to purchase.

We offer 3 pixel versions – 1024 -> 2048; 2048 -> 4096 and 1024 -> 4096.

During the Check out process, you can leave the note with your Serial number.

leave a serial no. of your controller in the note while purchasing

In the Web configuration, you will go to Advanced settings, scroll down and find Upload files section. There use LED Count setter. Choose file to upload and hit Send settings. A confirmation message will appear immediately with information confirming the update and the number of pixels available.

Confirmation message after the pixel upgrade was successfully uploaded to the controller.
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