How to set LED chip (IC) type of LEC3 and SPI Matrix

The video should explain everything in detail:




I can’t see my LED chip type (IC) in the available options #


Many of the LED chip producers are compatible. E.g. one of the most popular addressable LED chip used is TM1809. But this is compatible with many other LED types, e.g. WS2811, WS2812, WS2815 and many more.


That’s why the settings in the web configuration of the LEC3/SPI Matrix devices are kind of a “IC families”. The complete list of supported ICs you can find in the (i) icon at the Outputs header. Please locate your exact IC type in the right column and use the Type from the left column in the Output Type settings for every one of the Output 1 to 4.



Save, Save, Save! #


Once you set the IC type for your output, please don’t forget to press Save Outputs. This will make sure, the settings is saved into internal memory of the LEC3/SPI Matrix device. And it will be used all the time the device is (re)started.

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