Creating 2D color effects for pixel LED strips

Another option of using color palettes is to use them in 2D color effects available as one of the layer in LED Strip Studio.

Add new Color Effect layer #

To add new layer press the Add Layer button in Video Scene Editor.

Add Layer
Add Layer in Video Scene Editor

Once you click Add Layer, it will give you an option to select type of layer. We’ll use Color Effects in this tutorial. Once added, you’ll get the default color effect:

Default Color Effect Settings

You can change the Fill type to Conical, Radial, Linear and Rectangular. I will create color effect with the shape according your selection.

Color Palettes in Color Effects #

You can use the same color palettes as in Strip Scenes in Color Effects. Please read the article about how to create color animations for LED segments. But you can also use existing color animations using Choose palette button. Using Edit palette you can create your own color animation, which is used as the base of color effect.

Same color palette editor in color effects

What are the 2D color effects good for? #

We frequently utilize pixel LED effects for various purposes. They are perfect for LED dance performances, allowing the creation of dynamic color scrolling effects along LED suits. Additionally, we extensively use them to test LED pixels on specific fixtures. These effects are also ideal for clubs, enabling the quick creation of mesmerizing color scenes. Overall, pixel LED effects offer a fast and efficient way to produce stunning animations on your LED installations.

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