Using LED strips in your living room

Addressable LED strips are great for decoration. And they are great to be used also in your living room. We did one installation for our developer colleague in his living room as a test for new Reactivo device. As you probably know, we’ve developed this device as an ultimate gamer’s back-light solution, which you can use with almost any kind of led strip light from Amazon or Walmart.

Comparison of the game setup with and without Reactivo

But we found out, we like to use it for the living room setup as well. We’ve installed the pixel LED strips in the ceiling, below the sofa and we’ve also used our popular IKEA lamps.

How to enhance IKEA Vidja lamp using addressable LED strips?

How to grab your Windows screen/desktop?

We’ve used standard PC laptop to generate video content. And we’ve used Reactivo software to grab the screen content and display it on pixel LED strips in the living room.

Video content is displayed also on the LEDs in the room

The process, where you set different zone to be captured on certain LED strip is called mapping. You can set the mapping in the Reactivo screen grabber software.

Mapping process in Reactivo software

The most important feature of the software is the ability to set different zones of the screen for different LED strips. And it’s quite easy process – just draw the LED strip over the area, which you want it to capture/display. The mapping ability is precisely the creative feature – because you are the boss of the lighting and how it will be displayed in your room.

Too much light?

The clients, who already watched the videos, were concerned about too much light in the room. Since we’ve used standard camera to shoot the videos, it’s very sensitive to LED light. That’s why it looks so bright on the video and photo. But seeing it with your own eyes, the intensity of the light is just right. And it’s great addition to every nice movie.

The documentary movies are great using Reactivo

If you like the idea of using back-light LED strips in your living room, check our Reactivo page for more details.

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