Build a TV Studio you can be Proud Of

Markiza is one of the most popular TV station in Slovakia. Its TV news studio was running already for 9 years, so it was time to upgrade in LED Strip Studio way.

Installation in numbers

  • 53550 pcs individually SPI-controlled digital LEDs
  • More than 2 kilometers of digital LED bars
  • 86 square meters of a projection area
  • 200 meters of digital LED strips
  • 10 pcs of LED Strip Studio Ethernet controllers
  • 1 i5 processor to make it work

The Digital horizon technology

The decision was clear –  use our popular digital horizon in combination with LED screens. The digital horizon allows complete mood change of the TV news studio and it also allows to display animated video or even live HDMI stream.

We’ve used more than 2km of our digital LED bar. LED distance is 4cm (P40), thus 25 LEDs per meter. This allows to display more detailed video information than our standard P60 LED bar. We control more than 50000 individual RGB LED pixels in this TV studio!

IP 40
Digital LED Bar P40 (25 LEDs per meter)

Digital LED Control System

To control all the LEDs we use 10 LED Strip Studio Ethernet boards and 10 LSS Distributors. All are controlled using one 1U computer running on an i5 processor and we use LED Strip Studio software to display the video content on the digital horizon. Most of the used backgrounds are created directly in the LED Strip Studio software since it allows easy fix of the colors for the cameras.

LEC3 device

There are also digital LED strips used for the decoration and the moderator table. Most of the time the TV will run them in solid colors, but thanks to LED Strip Studio digital animations they can even create color fades on decoration.

Happy ending

We’ve spent more than 1500 man-hours to produce all the LED panels and install them in the TV studio. The planning and architectural preparation took more than 2 years, but in the end, it was a quite stressing job. The deadline was solid – the TV Markiza wanted to start the new school year in the new studio. Anyway, we’ve finished all on time and the customer was very happy with the result. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful studio we’ve ever done!

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