TA3 TV Studio

Running 6 years at least for 12 hours every day

TA3 is one of our first LED strip installations. The TV studio is running for almost 6 years now, at least for 12 hours every day. For all those 6 years we had maybe only 2 little problems with LED strips.

The TV studio uses only analog LED strips, 60 LEDs/m. There is about 500m of analog LED strips used in the scene.

Analog LED Strip
Analog LED strip uses only one color at once

Whole installation was done by only 3 people in one week. You can imagine, it was quite stressing and it was not possible to move the deadline, since the launch of new studio was advertised for about 2 months.

All the LED strips are controlled over DMX using LED DMX dimmers. But most of the time there is only one person taking care of the lighting, sound and all other equipment in the TV studio. That’s why it was not a good idea to use DMX lighting console. It was a lot easier to use our LED Strip Studio software running in DMX mode only. All the scenes for different TV news are prepared in advance and the user just selects “Sport” or “News” in the software.

What I liked most about the TV studio is how the graphic and lighting is working together. It’s good if the TV studio graphics and decoration lighting is done by one person only – he was able to create a modern color scheme for the whole TV station, which looks good even after 6 years of using it.

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