SPI Lamp – SPI signal splitter

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Do you work on a project with hanging lamps or segments of LED Strips? SPI Lamp is compatible with our controllers (LEC 3, SPI Matrix).

How can it help you with your project? Imagine you need to go with the signal from one strip to another and so on. SPI Lamp controller allows you to daisy-chain 85. Thus you can avoid complicated cabling.

Data is transmitted over ethernet cable and our controller sends differential signal. In pair with shielded ethernet cable, you don’t have to worry about any data loss, even on very, very long distances.

Compatible with 5-24V digital LED strips and most of industry IC chips, you get a wide range of options.

User manual here.



Developed for hanging lamps, this little board works as SPI signal splitter. Compatible with our controllers (LEC 3, SPI Matrix) you can daisy-chain 85 of these boards in a single line. With a simple modification, you can even power these with your Ethernet cable as passive POE.

Ethernet cable is used for data transmission. Since we are sending differential signal from our devices, you can even take your controller and SPI Lamp splitter hundreds of meters from each other with no worries for data loss.

You can work with wide range of 5-24V SPI chips, given they are on 800kHz frequency. Minimal number of diodes you can connect is 9. Maximum on the other hand is 1024 for RGB pixels.

To set the number of diodes connected to each SPI Lamp, you use DIP switch.

Once a single or even multiple strips break, remaining segments will still work. This is thanks to option to swap data IN and OUT ports and a backup function you can turn on in our software.

Additional information

Weight 33 g
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 22 mm
User manual


Data sheet


Operating voltage

5-24V DC

Self Power Consumption


MAX. Total Pass Thru Current


Power IN Connector

2 pole screw terminal, pitch 5mm, cable max 2.5mm2

DATA In type

Custom LSS protocol, speed ~5Mbps, differential

DATA Out type

Custom LSS protocol, speed ~5Mbps, differential

DATA In connector

RJ-45 unshielded

DATA Out connector

RJ-45 unshielded

DATA I/O max. cable length

350m with Cat5e or better

Max. Controller Count:

85pcs in daisy chained string

LED output type

5V TTL, 800kHz SPI (WS2811, WS2812B, SK6812, TM1809….)

LED output color type

RGB or RGBW (setting needs to be uploaded by LEC3 controller)

Maximum of LEDs


LED output count

min. 9 – max. 1024 RGB or 768 RGBW

LED output connector

3 pole screw terminal. Pitch 5mm, cable max 2.5mm2




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