LED Strip Studio software Art-net license – annual license for led pixel light software

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User-friendly Art-net LED control software

Annual license

LED Strip Studio (LSS) software allows you to create a large array of colorful effects for both pixel (digital) and analog LED strips. You can also use a custom background supplied by the client and easily create a visualization for the project.  Mapping of even complex objects is a matter of minutes. Advanced mapping tools allow you to create circles, grids or even more complicated LED objects.

The software is designed for large projects, but also for smaller and DIY LED installations. Our clients successfully used the software to control installations using 100.000 and more individual RGB or RGBW pixels.

LSS Software is compatible with LSS controllers and all 3-rd party Art-Net LED pixel controllers. You can also use it for free to create content for SPI LED and SPI Matrix device.

You can purchase any number of Art-Net universes for your project. You can also later add more universes for your activation key if your installation requires to use more pixels.

The software is available in 1 and 5 year license.

Buy 5 Years license


This is the video from our latest training for LED pixel light software LED Strip Studio. It’s the best way to start working with the software:

The Art-Net license allows you to use our software with 3-rd party Art-Net pixel LED controllers. You can purchase several Art-Net universes according your installation requirements.

Typical calculation: 1 Art-Net universe = 170 RGB addressable LED pixels.

Example: You need to control 1000 addressable LED pixels, you’ll need 1000/170=6 Art-Net universes.

Additional information

Art-net Universes

1 Art-Net universe, 2 Art-Net universes, 6 Art-Net universes, 12 Art-Net universes, 24 Art-Net universes, 32 Art-Net universes, 64 Art-Net universes, 128 Art-Net universes, 512 Art-Net universes, Custom Art-Net universes license

Activation tutorial



Windows only

Minimum System Requirements

4GB RAM, Intel Pentium and above, 300 MB of disk space

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