EDISON CCT LIGHT BULB + Powered Xmas Dimmer

585.00945.00 excl. VAT

Package of 8 light bulbs with DMX controller.

Classic design with added value. Our special LED bulbs have two fillaments, one for Warm white and one for Cold white color.


You can use them in classic E27 socket and control via DMX protocol. This way, they can provide not only pleasant mood light source, but you can also play simple animations. With our software and LED Ethernet Controller 3, you can even create a animation that will be synced with music.


Xmas Dimmer – DMX controller for traditional Christmas lights with two separate light lines. It has 8outputs and you can connect multiple bulbs into single output. The Powered version in the package contains a power supply that can power up to 24 Bulbs (see technical specification datasheet)


Package of 8 Warm/Cold White LED bulbs and DMX controller to change their brightness.

Warm/Cold LED Bulb contains 3 cold white and 3 warm white LED filaments.

Filaments are connected antiparallel what means, that DC voltage applied in one polarity lights up one filament temperature and reverse polarity lights up other filament temperature. This allow standard E27 socket with only two wire connection to be used. Working voltage of bulb is 32V.

Using dual polarity dimmer you can mix, fade and dim each color temperature individually. Suitable dual polarity dimmer from LED Strip Studio family is Xmas dimmer. You can control each color temperature by standard worldwide used DMX512 lighting protocol.


Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 320 × 230 × 160 mm
Datasheet Bulb


Datasheet Xmas Dimmer


Manual Xmas Dimmer


Operating voltage

33V DC, 2 polarity

Operating current

38mA warm white + 38mA cold white

Rated power

1.25W warm white + 1.25W cold white

Warm white filament count


Warm white filament CRI


Warm white color temperature

typ. 3000K

Bulb Height incl. E27 socket


Warm white power


Warm white E27 polarity

tip +, thread sleeve –

Warm white efficiency

typ. 150lm/W

Cold white filament count


Cold white filament CRI


Cold white color temperature

typ. 6500K

Cold white power


Cold white E27 polarity

Tip -, thread sleeve +

Cold white efficiency

typ. 150lm/W

Works with controller

Powered Xmas dimmer, Xmas dimmer

Operating air temperature

-10°C to 45°C

Storage air temperature

-10°C to 60°C

Relative humidity

5% to 80% non-condensing

Bulb Shape


Bulb Material


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