Pixel LED Calculator for WS2815

This simple WS2815 calculator allows you to calculate least amount of required 200W 12V power sources (RSP-200-12) to use for your pixel LED installation using WS2815 LED strips (addressable 12V pixel LED strip). Just type in number of meters you require for your installation and the form will calculate, how many power sources and how many LEC3 devices you’ll need for your installation.

Note: Sometimes it might be better to use more power source and more LEC3 devices depending on your installation. This calculator is just simple rough estimate for your installtion.

*WS2815 Addressable Pixel LED Strip

WS2815 is now probably one of the most used pixel LED strip type. We use it for our installations most of the time. The reason is simple – it’s easier to use than older 5V pixel LED strips.

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