Olympic rings for Slovak Olympic Museum

A musem main hall with 5 olympics rings on the ceiling and projected presentations on curved walls.


Main hall of new Olympic Museum with our LEDs and controllers in the Rings

How we planned the material needed?

Prior to the installation, we received the size of the Olympic rings. We decided for the lenght of the strip and how many diodes per meter we want to put inside. 60 diodes per meter has enough power to use the rings as main light in the museum. Important part was the distance between the diffuser and the strip. To avoid looking at the dots (pixels) we attached the strip to the side of the ring. Diffuser did rest.

One of the rings with LED strip attached inside with silicone. Strip used - digital, 60 diodes/meter. Testing mode with Blue color.


One of the rings with LED strip attached inside with silicone. Strip used – digital, 60 diodes/meter.

What controllers are we using for the Olympic rings?

For this project we decided to use our Art-Net controller REACTIVO. In total we used 5 of these bad boys. The decision making process was influenced by few key requests by the client. They did not want to have a PC to run the animations. Instead, they specifically requested a solution to be compatible with iPad. Also, the whole system had to be completly wireless.

REACTIVO controller next to one of the Rings.
REACTIVO controller next to one of the Rings.

How Synchronization works with REACTIVO?

As per client’s request, we did not install any computer, therefore the only option to play the effects is the phone app. The app does a great job when you are working with single device, but it can only control one device. You’d have to open each device on your phone and change animations one by one.


Here comes the beauty of feature called Synchronization. When you decide which device should define what animation should the rest play, you will have your Master Device. Remaining Slave devices will “obey” the commands from their Master. Thus when you select Animation no. 1 on Master, Slaves will follow.

Synchronization scheme. Five controllers in a row with animation synced by Master device to 4 Slave devices.

Want to try REACTIVO?

If you are looking for a nice looking device that works over wiFi completly, thus leaving you more room and less cabling/soldering, REACTIVO might be just what you are looking for. Check out our page at reactivo.lighting

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