O2 Sport studio on the small area of 40 m2

Sport TV Studio O2

As you can see in the pictures, the central part of the studio creates unusually shaped tablewhich is placed on the ring. The middle part of the table within the ring is able to shine and change colors or individual effects according to the situation. The back part of the studio contains LED horizont in the shape of half circle, and copies the line of the central table.

The whole digital LED horizon is divided into several lines of LED lights. Furthermore, there is a reason that the lighting of the floor is not symmetric at all. It brings to the studio more attractive look and, perhaps, super-temporal design.

Our company used 375 meter of Pro LED bars and more than 60 meters of Pro Analog LED strips. All in high-quality finish therefore we could assure the client with long-term functionality and no stress during studio broadcast. We hope that he appreciated this more expensive, but better choice at all.

The unique feature of this installation is the utilization of firm dividing lines behind diffusion layer of LED horizon. Why were these dividing lines so important? The client wanted to make an impression as it was built from bricks. Therefore we needed somehow to prevent spreading the light on the entire diffusion layer.

We solved this matter easily and managed to do it with low-cost budget. The solution was perfected to the highest level. Finally, we believe that our abilities speak for themselves.

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