LSS controllers at MTV show!

stage on mtv european awards 2019 with LED strips in ceiling
The Show

Two of our products were used at MTV European Music Awards 2019 in Seville, Spain. We are very proud of Soulmates Interactive for pulling this off at a such large event.

We have a long and rich history of TV shows. Eurovision Song Contest 2018, several series of local Got Talent and many permanent installations for TV studios.

When we found this picture in our mailbox, we were wondering: “What it could be?”. There are camera rigs, it looks big enough for some spectacle …

Soon, the plot was revealed to us – it is from MTV European Music Awards 2019 stage! 3 days of intense labour paid of. Just check out these specs – 650M of digital LED tape and 250M of analog strips. And the icing – our software incorporated as well! A particular feature which we used many times over the years.

Screen grabbing

Screen grab tool is perfect tool for such installation. A particular part of your screen or virtual monitor is send onto your strips. You simply select portion of the monitor you want to grab and software then sends it as video to your pixels. This is a great example of using this particular feature of our LED Strip Studio Software.

Professional analog LED dimmer

For 250 M of analog LED tape a they decided to use several Mr. Dimmer controllers. Specifically designed to be flicker free on camera, thus an obvious choice! With built in power supply, these babies are hardcore workers that can be relied upon at any situations.


ArtNet digital LED pixel controller

For 650 M of digital LED tape, they decided for a reliable ArtNet controller – SPI Matrix. It was developed to convert ArtNet to SPI signal and with compatibility in mind. You can use any software available that generates ArtNet.


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