Create immersive experiences with the use of LED strips

We provide LED solutions for TV Studios, Clubs, Bars & Restaurants, Hotels as well as Artistic projects.

With over 13 years of experience, we have illuminated some of the world’s most iconic stages and spaces,
including X Factor, Got Talent, Eurovision, CNN Prima News Studio, and countless more.


How to make an LED installation?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we bring your LED installation dreams to life:

step 1
Initial Design

The journey begins with hiring a designer who will provide essential plans, schematics, or visualizations for your LED installation project. Their expertise will lay the foundation for our work.

step 2
Consultation and Offer
We’re your partners in turning ideas into reality. During this phase, we’ll work closely with you to determine the best solution for your project.
This includes:

Assessing the technical requirements such as the number of power supplies, LED strips, and LED controllers needed, and selecting the appropriate technology.

Deciding how your LED installation will be controlled, whether it’s through a lighting console, buttons, sensor triggers, smartphone apps, media servers, software, DMX, Art-Net, sACN, or other innovative options.

Establishing a realistic project timeline and ensuring timely delivery of materials.

Providing you with a comprehensive cost estimate, so there are no surprises along the way.

step 3

This is where your vision takes shape. You have the option to choose whether you want us to handle the installation or if you have a local contractor in mind.

For projects utilizing our LED Strip Studio Software, we provide specialized training for mapping and controlling effects.


Make your ideas come to life

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Our LED solutions cater to a diverse clientele, including artists, entertainment businesses, TV production studios, and interior/exterior architects and designers.

No worries! We can assist you in developing plans, schematics, or visualizations for your project, ensuring your vision comes to life. Just fill the form above.

Absolutely! Our experienced team will guide you in calculating the precise amount of LED strip required for your project’s specifications.

You can adapt your LED installation to your specific needs, whether you require simplicity and convenience or intricate and synchronized lighting effects.

You can control LED pixels through different methods:

Phone App: You can effortlessly control your LED installation using our dedicated LSS Remote App. Simply download the app, connect it to your LED controller, and you’ll have a user-friendly interface at your fingertips. Customize colors, effects, and patterns from your phone, making it a convenient choice for on-the-fly adjustments.

Lighting Console: For more precise and synchronized control, you can integrate your LED installation with a lighting console using Art-Net™ or our LED Strip Studio Software. This allows for professional-grade lighting programming, perfect for stage performances, events, and architectural lighting designs.

Buttons and Sensors:  With this setup, you can use physical buttons for manual control or incorporate sensors to trigger specific lighting effects. This makes it ideal for interactive exhibits, museums, and spaces where the environment or user activity can dictate the LED lighting changes.

Standalone (Effects Stored on the LED Controller): In this autonomous setup, the LED controller houses a range of effects on an SD card, allowing your LED installation to operate independently. This is an excellent choice for applications like storefront displays or ambient lighting, where the LEDs seamlessly cycle through stored effects.

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