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IGuess My Age is a very popular European TV show made by Vivendi Entertainment. The main goal of the contestants is to guess person age as close as possible. Slovak television JoJ decided to launch this show also in Slovakia. And of course, they’ve designed completely new TV studio for this show.

The background of the TV studio is made of LED screens combined with our analog LED strips. I think the most beautiful are the ellipses in the middle – every one of them can be controlled separately, which is used quite a lot during the show.

Analog LED ellipses
Analog LED ellipses

We’ve also used about 500 meters of digital LED strips for the studio. They are installed in the floor and inside the big arrow in the middle.

The arrow is also part of a game – the contestants can move the person closer to guess his or her age easier. We’ve also installed DMX-controlled motors, which move the arrow.

All the light effects used on the digital LED strips are programmed directly in LED Strip Studio software. The Lighting operator just sends DMX commands to our LED Strip Studio Ethernet board to switch between the running cues.

Guess my age workspace - mapping of LED strips
Guess my age workspace – mapping of LED strips

I think Guess My Age is very nice and modern TV studio. The lighting guys did the really nice job using all the different kind of light types – LED screens, moving heads and our digital and analog LED strips.

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