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The Club is one of the most popular dance clubs in Bratislava (by tourists also known as PARTYslava). It’s located in the city center in one of the most popular hotels. The club is now working for more than 10 years and it’s visited by thousands of tourists every year. In 2017 the hotel was completely renovated, so our clients, owners of the club, also decided to improve their audio and visual systems.

Danube hotel
Completely renovated Danube hotel

LED Hexagons

The architect came with an interesting and original idea of creating 6-gon shapes and completely cover them using digital video LED strips. The goal was to have animated video patterns on such strange shaped 6-gon LED screen. And they have decided to use our LED Strip Studio system to drive all the LEDs.

We’ve used more than 200 meters of high-quality video digital strips, 42 individual LED pixels per meter. Every 6-gon is made of 6 separate segments, each about 20cm long and allows us to control every pixel separately. Everything is controlled using a single LED Strip Studio Ethernet controller, version 3, and one additional LED pixel digital distributor (both can together control up to 8000 individual LED pixels).

The planning was quite complicated since the shape is really crazy.

The mapping in LED Strip Studio allows correct image display even if you use such crazy shape like these multiple 6-gons. The mapping creation is simple.  In the software, you use similar drawing tools to Corel Draw or Illustrator to define the shapes. And you can define a different number of LED pixels to each segment of the shape.

Wiring was really complicated.

After the mapping is finished, the LED Strip Studio software allows the light designer to use any kind of QuickTime video to be displayed on the 6-gon LED screen correctly. He can also design:

  • abstract effects directly in the software or
  • even use the live stream from the HDMI input to synchronize the animations with the video projectors.
LED strip studio mapping software
LED strip studio mapping software

The light designer can use live controls from touchscreen to switch between the different effects running on the 6-gon LED screen. But he can also use DMX control from lightning desk to be able to synchronize all the lights with the 6-gon LED screen. This allows creating amazing light effects, where all the lights of the club work “together”.

Our client, an owner of the club, was very happy about how the system is working and about all the options it provides. They are also happy about how the audience reacts on a new design. The unique 6-gon design is similar to the logo of The Club and it’s easy to remember. We believe the tourists will like to return to this club also thanks to our 6-gon LED screen full of amazing lightning effects.

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