LED Strip Types

There are many different LED strip types available. But the most important is what color, what type and what number of LED diodes they use.



-single color: red, green, blue, white (cold or warm), yellow ...
-analog LED strips: single color, but this color can be changed (usually using remote controller or DMX)
-digital LED strips: every LED diode color of the strip can be changed, we use them to construct LED screens and disco effects


LED Diode Types

3528 - cheap low-power diode commonly used
5050 - Chinese version of 5060 diode with lower light power
5060 - one of the most powerful LED diode used in LED strips - nice cold white color and wide color range 


Number of LED Diodes

Usually LED strips use 30, 42, 60 or 120 LEDs per meter. The more LED diodes are used, the more expensive the LED strips are. But the light intensity is higher and the light is smoother (you can't see LED pixels). 

Maximal number of LEDs per meter when 5060 diodes are used is 60, because of the heat produced.


Most common LED Strip Types

We use mainly digital LED strips with 30 LEDs/m and analog LED strips with 60 LEDs/m. We always use 5060 LED diodes, because the light is a lot more powerful than light produced by 5050 or 3528. Also the color range is wider.



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